Peninsula Session

Several members of the Pipers' Club have organized a weekly session. This is a traditional Irish session focused on dance music (reels, jigs, hornpipes, slides, etc.). The group is small, friendly and encouraging to beginners.


Tuesday evenings, starting sometime around 8:00 until 10:00pm. We often skip the fourth Tuesday of each month due to a conflicting event. Cancellations are usually announced on the group's mailing list.


The session is held at Stephen's Green Irish Pub in Mountain View:

Stephen's Green
223 Castro St.
Mountain View


All traditional instruments are welcome! Beginners are welcome to sit in, and once you've learned a tune, we will do our best to play it as slowly as you like so you can join in. Advanced players may want to come enjoy the music at a more leisurely pace. And, anyone at all is welcome to come listen!


To build up a common repetoire and learn more tunes, we have at times in the past picked a tune for everyone to learn each week. Here is the list:

2009 Archive of tunes for 2009
2008 Archive of tunes for 2008
2007 Archive of tunes for 2007
2006 Archive of tunes for 2006
2005 Archive of tunes for 2005

If you are curious about what tunes we have been playing more recently, Jo Wegstein compiled lists of tunes played at two sessions in January 2015:

Tunes played 20 Jan 2015
Tunes played 27 Jan 2015

If you have questions about the session, contact Bob Wilson at