Peninsula Session 2006 Archive

These are the tunes that we learned (or were supposed to learn) in 2006 for the Peninsula session.

2006 Tunes

19 Dec Kesh Jig
12 Dec Jenny Picking Cockles
5 Dec A Fig for a Kiss
21 Nov Cook in the Kitchen
14 Nov Humours of Whiskey (repeat)
24 Oct Cronin's Hornpipe
10 Oct The Corner House
3 Oct The Shaskeen
12 Sept Jimmy Ward's
5 Sept Mairi's Wedding
29 Aug Brian O'Lynn
22 Aug Humours of Whiskey (in B minor)
15 Aug The Mountain Lark
8 Aug Allistrum's March (Mairseail Alasdruim)
1 Aug The Killavel Fancy (mp3)
25 July Around the World for Sport (Sword in Hand)
11 July Leitrim Hornpipe
27 June Doctor O'Neill (again)
20 June Doctor O'Neill
13 June Queen of the Rushes
6 June Kitty Gone a' Milking
30 May The Foxhunter's (slip jig)
23 May The Boyne Hunt
16 May The Heather Breeze
9 May Boys of Bluehill
2 May Review: Morning Star (mp3)
25 Apr Donnybrook Fair (Joy of my Life)
18 Apr The Morning Dew
28 Mar Out on the Ocean
21 Mar The Bride's Favorite
14 Mar The Wandering Minstrel (mp3)
7 Mar The New Copperplate
28 Feb Kitty Lie Over (mp3)
14 Feb The Rolling Wave (mp3)
7 Feb Humours of Tulla
31 Jan The Crooked Road
24 Jan The Piper's Chair (mp3)
10 Jan The Banshee
3 Jan Jenny's Wedding