Peninsula Session 2008 Archive

These are the tunes that we learned (or were supposed to learn) in 2008 for the Peninsula session.

2008 Tunes

23 Sept Collier's Reel
16 Sept The Chapel Bell
2 Sept Trip to Athlone
26 Aug Queen of the Rushes
19 Aug Song of the Chanter
12 Aug Pipe on the Hob
24 June Drowsy Maggie
10 June Munster Buttermilk/Behind the Haystack
13 May The Banshee (repeat)
22 Apr Belharbour Hornpipe (mp3)
8 Apr Hewlett
1 Apr The Musical Priest
25 Mar Apples in Winter
4 Mar Boil the Breakfast Early
19 Feb The King of the Pipers (mp4)
12 Feb The Morning Dew
29 Jan Drops of Brandy
22 Jan Ships are Sailing
8 Jan Lady on the Island