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The West Coast Tionól was held February 16-18, 2007. Thanks to everyone who was able to come out and join in the piping and parties. Here is a small sampling of photos from the weekend. (Thanks to Jim Spiva for volunteering to be the official tionól photographer!)

One of several sessions at Peter Heelan's house on Friday night.

Mickey Dunne relaxing before a busy day.

We started off on Saturday morning by having our teachers (Peter Heelan, Tim Britton, and Mickey Dunne) introduce themselves and play some tunes for everyone.

John Pederson making reeds.

Justine Garvey with baby Eoghan.

The pipers were divided intro four classes and the teachers rotated between the classes. Here is a glimpse into one of Peter Heelan's classes.

The weather was very cooperative (unlike 2005) and we were able to enjoy our Zachary's pizza outdoors. We did not have any problems getting rid of leftover pizza!

Fel Bautista and Richard Katz playing tunes after lunch.

Janica Anderson selling shirts and other merchandise.

Pat D'Arcy, Rod Margason and Sean Folsom

Sharon Smalley and Mickey.

Cathy Chilcott (our hostess) trying out a full set.

Ted Anderson working on some drone reeds.

Pat D'Arcy playing in the recital on Sunday.

Rod Margason in the recital.

Sean Folsom played an impressive variety of different pipes for us and did a fantastic job as M.C. for the concert.

John Pederson in the recital.

Mike DeSmidt

Meredith March, Justine Garvey and Bob Wilson

The whole group together (well, as many as we could find at the time, anyway).

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