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The West Coast Tionól was held February 18-20, 2005. Thanks to everyone who was able to come out and join in the piping and parties. Here is a small sampling of photos from the weekend. (Thanks to Lance Beeson and Michael DeSmidt for providing some of these photos.)

We started off with introductions of the guest pipers. Leo Rickard....

....and Patrick Sky.

Flute workshop on Saturday afternoon led by Kieran Marsden

Michael Burke and his whistles

Kevin Reitmann browsing through the merchandise at Janica's store.

Recital: Peter Heelan

Recital: Kevin Carr

Recital: Anthony Santoro

Recital: Tom Creegan

Recital: John Meshkoff

Recital: Tim Britton

John Pedersen fixed up some old reeds and made some new ones.

David Quinn told us all the secrets of pipemaking. And everyone went out to buy a lathe....

The party on Saturday night was great, with several sessions going on at once in different rooms. Here is one group, including John Pedersen, John Meshkoff, and Rod Margason.

And, in another room, there was another group, including Leo Rickard, Tom Creegan, Justine Garvey, ....

....Michael DeSmidt, Pat D'Arcy, and Kevin Reitmann.

Todd Denman, Ted Anderson, Pat Sky, and David Quinn talking at a table in the corner.

Ted (making faces for the camera), David Quinn (hiding), and John Gallagher

Michael McGowan and Justine Garvey led the whistle class on Sunday.

On Sunday afternoon, we all joined together to listen to Pat Sky tell stories about Seamus Ennis.

Group photo of the women

Group photo. (Thanks to Pat D'Arcy for fixing up this photo so that it's not so dark.)

Patrick D'Arcy has some more photos at Uilleann Obsession, and Rod Margason also posted a bunch of his photos.

Here's another batch of photos from Fel Bautista.

The "big" room in the house.

Leo and Justine.

Folks hanging out near the "store".

Another Saturday night session.

Todd, Pat, and David on Saturday night.

Everyone up on stage at the end of the concert on Sunday night.

A very nice self-portrait....

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